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Getting Started

Learn how to create an account, log in and start a new game.


Playing Your Turn

Find out how to select a game, choose a category and answer a question.


Viewing Stats

Check out the leaderboard to see where you rank amongst your friends.


Other Features

Connect to your social network and create a better playing experience!


Getting Started

Let's create a new user account, log in to Trivia 4 Friends and start a game!

Objective of the Game

The objective of a Trivia 4 friends match is to acquire the highest number of points by answering trivia questions.

Seems easy I know... however, the number of points you can earn are associated to the question's category, which you only get to pick when you start a new round. Oh, and you only get to start a new round when the player ahead of you gets their question wrong.

You have to use a bit of strategy to ensure you're answering questions from categories you know something about, and furthermore that your opponents are forced to answer questions from categories they know little about. Just be careful... if you get a question wrong, you can no longer pick that category moving forward.

Mamun Srizon

Creating a New User

Once you've downloaded the app, start it up!

The "Welcome" screen is always the first screen you come to when you enter the app. If you've never played before, you can choose the "Sign Up" option, which will allow you to create a profile and play with other Trivia 4 Friends players. No, we do not share your information with ANYONE!

You can also choose to "Play without an account", which is a good option for trying the game before creating a profile. Note that creating a profile enhances your experience because you get to play the game with other people, access the leaderboard, and share your enthusiasm with the world!

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Logging In

After creating a profile, when you start up the app you can enter your credentials and choose "Login" right from the Welcome screen.

This will place you on your Home screen where you can access all of your games, start new games, and use the main menu to take advantage of all features within the app!

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Start a New Game

Starting a new game is easy and a bit fun because you can choose up to three other players to compete against, much like playing a trivia game around the kitchen table.

From your Home screen, a New Game tile is available. Simply tap this option and begin to add players to your new game. You can add players in several ways. First, if you have any friends saved as “Favorites”, you can choose players from that list. If you are connected to Facebook, your Facebook friends that also play Trivia 4 Friends will be loaded for you to add to a game.

Another option is to search the Trivia 4 Friends database for a player or you can choose the "Random" option and we’ll search for you.

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Playing Your Turn

Let's create a new user account, log in to Trivia 4 Friends and start a game!

Selecting a Game

After logging in, you are always taken to your Home screen. From here you can access all of the games that are currently "in play", as well as your most recently completed games.

Simply swipe to the left to scroll through your games. The games that are ready for you to play yout turn show up first. Games that have just been played will be at the end, as well as those that have recently been completed.

Once you find a game to play or view, tap the applicable button on the tile!

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Choosing a Category

On occasion, you have the opportunity to pick the category that begins a new round. This is the case when either you start a new game or you get to begin a new round due to the player directly ahead of you answering their last question incorrectly, thus ending the current round.

When selecting a category, notice the numbers displayed in the bottom right corner. This number represents the amount of points you will earn if you get the question correct. All categories begin each game with a value of 1 point, but as you answer questions correctly, their value increases by 1 point each time.

The only exception to this is the Surprise category. This category allows the system to select the category for you. If you select this option, the amount of points available in the selected category will increase by 5 points, increasing the reward for your risk.

Mamun Srizon

Answering a Question

Once the question is displayed, you will have 20 seconds to submit your answer. To do so, simply tap one of the 4 possible answers, whichever you beleive to be correct.

Note that you do have 3 lifelines per game. Therefore, if you find yourself running low on time to answer, you can increase your time by selecting the lifeline icon at the bottom right of your screen. Remember that you get 3 lifelines per GAME, not per question.

After submitting your answer, the Results screen displays. From here, you can view the Game Board, Share the Question, or Report the Question letting us know if any issues.

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Viewing Statistics

Check out the Leaderboard and enter Contests! Also, learn to view the Player Statistics screen for you or any other player!

Viewing the Leaderboard

The Leaderboard allows you to see where you and your friends rank against other players. The default ranking, "All Time" shows where you measure up against all other Trivia 4 Friends players. However, different ranking options are available.

For example, you can see how you rank against others during a defined date range. These date ranges are referred to as Contests. A Contest can run weekly, monthly, or over the course of a special event like March Madness, Sweeps Week, etc.

When viewing the rankings for a specific Contest, you can also filter the results to show how you rank amongst all T4F players, only your Facebook Friends, or just those that you have added to your Favorites list.

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Entering a Contest

So... you want to see how you measure up against other players during the NFL Playoffs or the World Cup? No problem. By entering a Contest, you will be added to a special Leaderboard.

To do so, navigate to the Leaderboard and select the menu icon in the top right corner. A list of Contests will be made available. If you are not already entered into a Contest, a green "Sign Up" tag will be displayed to the right of the Contest's title. Click the arrow to the right for the Contest Detail screen.

On the Contest Detail screen, tap on the green box that says "Enter the Contest". Confirm your decision and make your way back to the Leaderboard to see where you rank!

Mamun Srizon

Understanding Player Statistics

The Player Statistics screen allows you to see how well you, or any other player, is doing as a Trivia 4 Friends player!

From this screen, you can see your total Win/Loss record, the number of points you've earned overall to date, as well as how many points you've earned in each Trivia 4 Friends category.

In the top right of the screen, you can see your current badge, which increases with every 100 points you earn!

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Other Features

Learn to share your experience with others!

Inviting Facebook Friends to App

What's better than playing Trivia 4 Friends? Answer: playing Trivia 4 Friends with people that are already your FRIENDS! That's why we hope you'll connect to Facebook from within the app to make it easier to invite those you know to a game of trivia!

Note that we NEVER post anything to your Facebook Wall without your expressed permission.

To invite your Facebook Friends, simply connect to Facebook and choose the Invite icon. Select the best trivia playing friends and they will be notified via Facebook (in a private message) to join the app!

Mamun Srizon

Setting Players as Favorites

So you have a friend that is worthy of a place on your Favorites list?

The best way to accomplish this is to begin by starting a new game with this "favorite" person. When adding them to the game you will be asked to "Set as Favorite".

They will now be in your favorites list, making it easier to get a game started with them anytime.

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In-App Chat with Other Players

Did you know that you can chat with Trivia 4 Friends players within the app? You can also see a history of the game's action as well...

When viewing the question result, the Play by Play and Chat icon is located at the top of the screen.

To add a new message, choose the New Message option at the bottom. Note that your chats go to ALL players within the selected game (match).

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Reporting a Question

Did we get something wrong? Well, let us know!

After answering a question, from the Result screen you can choose to send us a note about a question you were asked. Sometimes there are typos, or you may believe that we have the wrong "right" answer.

Let us know!

Mamun Srizon

Adjusting App Settings

Trivia 4 Friends offers several options that may help playing the game more enjoyable. You can use the menu icon located in the top left of the Home screen. When the menu appears, select the Settings option.

From here you can choose to turn sounds off, as well as adjust your notification settings.

You can select to have notifications sent to you on several occasions. Check the appropriate options so that you know when it is your turn to play another round!

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Viewing Your Account Profile

You can use the menu icon located in the top left of the Home screen to access the Profile option.

From here, you can adjust your profile information, such as your in-app Player Name.

You can also use this screen to update your password if you ever need to change it!

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